I am a renaissance man and autodidact with life-long experience in the arts. I’ve been trained in traditional and digital art and have developed many other creative skills over the years. I am now seeking work in the industry with a Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Design from Art Center College of Design. 


Solstice Son Design is meant to be a forever expanding zenith of my creative expression. Born on the Summer Solstice, the concept of the day has forever fascinated me. The Solstice, a center-point in time. The day the Sun stands still, radiating light for the longest of cycles. The Sun, an archetype for the light at the center of all systems, the energy, the heart, the source. The logo I brand myself with represents an ever-present illumination in the dark void. The spark of an idea, an inspiration, a way of being. To bring light to all moments. Our unified consciousness, an endless coalescence of all vibratory states. The apex of all time and energy. The essence of you and I. 

-Benjamin S. Franke



"Ben at Solstice Son Design helped me come up with a logo for our company. Ben was very good to work with and was very quick to respond to any questions that I had. He was very creative when coming up with designs. Planning on using him in the future."

Whin Media

"Ben had to adapt from what he normally does, illustrating, to character concept design, which he did very well. He was very easy to work with and delivered quality content. I would highly recommend Ben and would hire him again!"

Davy Quin


"Ben is highly motivated and has demonstrated an amazing work ethic. Ben is also very talented and providing to be a well rounded designer and conceptualist through out a very difficult and competitive curriculum."

Tim Flattery